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Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

100 Ways to Live a Minute

Online project by Pushkin Museum XXI

The Pushkin Museum presents a project where people who create and reflect on art share their experiences of meaningful living of time. Self-isolation is a common thing for people working with creative practices. Artists, writers and philosophers find their own ways to tame time, dig into the very contexture of daily life. Together with the Pushkin museum we and our audience are going to learn creative meditation and meaningful living of time.

"In the new conditions, media art is gaining momentum to get into homes and establish connections between people without any intermediaries. The project “100 Ways to Live a Minute” opens a significant transformation of the Museum towards shared experience and ownership of art, innovative forms of its presentation and exchange with international partners." Says Olga Shishko, the head of the department of cinema and media art, curator of the Pushkin Museum XXI direction and the 100 Ways to Live a Minute project.

It is an open research project together with artists, art historians, writers, collectors regularly published on the special landing page of the Pushkin Museum. The project is divided into three sections: “Time: category of contemplation”, “Media Quarantine” and “Digital exchange”.

"Media Quarantine". Artists and curators share their own methods for taming time.

"Time: Category of Contemplation". Artists, curators and researchers tell about a work from the history of art that explores the theme of delaying time, contemplation, solitude.

"Digital Exchange". Exclusive broadcasts of works of the most important international media artists.

All materials of the project “100 Ways to Live a Minute” are published and are available on the website: 100waystoliveaminute.pushkinmuseum.art. The works of the “Digital Exchange” section are available within a day from the moment the broadcast is over.