Igor Skaletsky | Sogno e surreale | Museo Ebraico di Venezia | 16.02 – 17.05.2020

Igor Skaletsky
Sogno e surreale

February 16 - May 17.2020

Opening February 16.2020
h. 12.00 pm

Jewish Museum of Venice

The Jewish Museum of Venice, on Sunday 16th February at 12.00 pm, inaugurate Sogno e surreale, an exhibition by the artist Igor Skaletsky, which will remain open to the public until May 17th. The center of the period of time that the museum dedicates to this exhibition will be marked by the Purim feast, a joyful feast, with many and complex meanings, which leaves a lot of space for play and fantasy and disguise, becoming its fulcrum.

The young and already established Israeli artist, with his manipulation of images will transport the visitor to an enchanted, surreal elsewhere, playing with the liberation of the dreamlike, fantastic and magical that is in each of us.

The Russian-born artist freely plays with easily recognizable images of the history of art and high culture, ironically mixing them with the typical images of fashion magazines. His works take us back to the archetypal models of our perception and at the same time destroys them by upsetting the visual habits and creating a secret passage in the unconscious that leads us to elaborations and interpretations.

Skaletsky's collage technique, borrowed from avant-garde artists of the 1920s, and his works characterized by the saturation of signs and the recognisability of images, the mix of photography and painting, the mixing of academic art and modern images, surprise the spectator by putting him in a position to re/find his own visual habits, while lightly shaking his subconscious.

After the recent successes of The new Haggadah by Arik Brauer's, Snapshots from the Garden of Eden by the photographer Dina Goldstein for the first time in Europe; Jewish Manga art - The beauty of the rigor by Thomas Lay, Psalm by Edmund de Waal on the occasion of the last Biennial Visual Arts, the Jewish Museum of Venice, among its many and fascinating projects, invites with this new appointment to come across this new contemporary art proposal inserted in the ancient spaces adjacent to the Scola Canton, the splendid 16th century synagogue within the Museum itinerary.

Opening on Sunday 16th February at 12.00 pm. The exhibition will be visitable during the museum's opening hours until May 17th. The exhibition is created and organized by the Jewish Museum of Venice, in collaboration with Coopculture and the Jewish Community of Venice.