#ARTNEVERSTOPS |FG Comunicazione and Spazio Thetis keeps giving space to Art | from 17.03.2020 |


FG Comunicazione and Spazio Thetis keeps giving space to Art

Spazio Thetis, together with FG Comunicazione, becomes a digital "Hub" to keeps giving space to Art.
Spazio Thetis, located in the Arsenale Novissimo of Venice, which has always dedicated itself to the promotion and communication of contemporary art through collective exhibitions and projects created with artists from all backgrounds, has decided in this difficult period not to deny its role as promotion and diffusion of art and artistic creativity. Together with FG Comunicazione, the press office of the art and culture sector that took care of divulging the latest projects of Spazio Thetis, it opened a call through its social channels Instagram and Facebook with the theme #ARTNEVERSTOPS where space is given to Italian and international artists. who through videos, declarations and images of their works want to send a message to tell how art instead of stopping can become the stimulus and the starting point to react, even in the most critical situations.

Art is intertwined with life and in this period of non-direct fruition, it has been adapted and transformed. Museums, Foundations, Galleries have reacted generously by making available to all important contents, initiatives to which Spazio Thetis and FG Comunicazione wants to contribute. your own contribution. The Venetian web event is having an interesting viral effect and the artists of the collective FRIENDS, a successful open-air exhibition that animated the beautiful park of the Spazio Thetis during the months of the 2019 Biennale with 50 works, immediately joined the project with enthusiasm reconfirming the nature of Spazio Thetis as a hub of contemporary art, a center of comparison and reflection for artists and visitors. Today, Space has intrinsic potentials that commit it to try to look, through the languages of art, beyond the current pandemic, the system crisis and the economic difficulties that will derive from it.

After the participation of many of the participants in the collective FRIENDS, the project continues and remains open to Italian and international artists whose languages range in all disciplines such as painting, sculpture, performance and street art., With numerous contributions already collected, such as by Paolo Maggis, painter, Sergei Katran, Roos van Geffen both conceptual artists, the first Russian Muscovite, the second from Amsterdam or Jorge Pombo Spanish painter others present in Italy and many others.
For all the artists who want to join and respond to this free initiative, simply send your contribution in a short video of 15 or 30 seconds, or a photo of a work with a caption and a phrase on the theme #LARTENONSIFERMA, at email address info@fg-comunicazione.it. The materials will then be selected and if considered online, published on the studio's Instagram and Facebook profiles. "

monitor lcd
due copertoni uniti da un ramo, opera d'arte
testa di uomo rivestita di neoprene sui toni del turchese
opera di Z.Logan
Testa nera di donna stilizzata , quadro di R.Resta
quadro con lettere futuriste di L.Marini
scultura astratta di Marco agostinelli
foto con uomo di spalle che legge con leggio e microfono
sedia in legno, opera di Aran
tre solette per scarpe di colore diverso , opera di Luca Clabot
quadro con persone stilizzate e un palazzo di R.Cannata
due teli decorati neri , opera di Mauro Sambo
cubo multicolore di artista Burnex
striscia di carta che scende da un balcone con disegni di G.Scioratto
Sculture in terracotta di S.Katran
ovale di legno vecchio con scritta DIVIETO , opera di C. Buttignol
Particolare di quadro di Jorge Pombo colori sfumati
opera di B.pelizzon con testa bianca con fili neri e rossi
Foto di viso di bimba dormiente posta sotto il pelo dell'acqua
Studio di Marco Ciani con quadro e installazioni
Donna vestita di nero dentro un aquario
particolare di quadro di Sonia Ros con fiore turchese
Particolare di quadro di Paolo Maggis, testa di uomo sul blu
foto di uomo con secchio sulla testa , opera di The Morbelli
quadro  di Davide Gabriele